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Make Abortion Murder Again

Convincing people not to kill babies shouldn’t be difficult.

What Are We Doing Here?

It’s not about legislation, religion, forced-birth, or even old white men trying to control women.

We feel it’s time to elevate the conversation so that women feel empowered and supported when they choose life.

A baby is never a mistake or even a punishment.

Let’s change the focus from rehashing the same arguments over and over again to showing the true strength of the pro-life community – unwavering and overwhelming voluntary support of women in need.

At the same time, we can work to spread the message that abortion is never necessary.

These sections coming soon!

Pro-Life Memes

Are you looking for funny, edgy, spicy, or dank? We are putting together the world’s largest organized and searchable pro-life meme database.

Pro-Life Sources

Text books, research papers, statistics and other data are available to help you respond to pro-choice arguments. We will be building this over time.

I Saw It On Social Media

What was the most ridiculous statement you have heard about abortion on social media? We are compiling a list here!

Pro-Life Charities

Looking for ways to help spread the pro-life message in a more tangible way? Tired of the same arguments on social media? Donate directly to PL charities!