Texas Abortion Restriction Meme Crisis Pregnancy Center

How Crisis Pregnancy Centers *ACTUALLY* Help Women In Need

Crisis pregnancy centers are organizations that provide support to anyone who visits them. They offer medical advice, abortion information, prenatal care, adoption plan, and crisis support for any crisis faced during the course of the pregnancy.

The crisis pregnancy center offers free services such as ultrasounds, STD testing, prenatal care, and more. These services are useful not only for those experiencing crisis pregnancies but also those who have been recently sexually transmitted disease or those looking to adopt a child.

In 2011 they assisted over 2 million people in crisis with their services and provided more than 8 million crisis counselings.

Crisis pregnancy centers serve a community-based role as a refuge for those in crisis with their pregnancy, as opposed to Planned Parenthood who’s main goal is to make money off abortion fees.

Their crisis pregnancy centers are non-profit, providing free services for those seeking help with crisis pregnancies. If medical professionals working at crisis pregnancy centers refuse to provide abortions, this should be looked at as an act of kindness rather than malice.

There are thousands of crisis pregnancy centers across the country that offer various levels of support and free services for anyone in need. They’re there to assist women seeking crisis pregnancies who need advice about medical procedures or prenatal care, which each state offers different resources on.

Many crisis pregnancy centers provide ultrasounds and STD testing which can help reduce unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases, allowing women seeking crisis pregnancies to make educated decisions about their future. Crisis pregnancy center also often provides these tests for free unlike Planned Parenthood.