Planned Parent Hood Terminator Minority Communities

Planned Parenthood Purposely Targets Minority Communities

Planned Parenthood abortion mills prey upon minority communities and low-income families. These abortion centers place themselves exactly where it is most convenient for society to dispose of them. The abortion business pops up right next to impoverished neighborhoods, using the lack of money as a way to tempt desperate women away from their children.

Margaret Sanger would be proud that her eugenicist plans have come such a long way in the past century. Planned Parenthood abortion mills continue her legacy by working toward exterminating certain demographics of people through abortion.

The state of California has already seen the consequences of nearby abortion centers: teenage girls aborting babies because they think it’s easier than raising a child or going onto college and careers. All it takes is one abortion center to lead to the death of over half a million babies.

Margaret Sanger would be thrilled to see how far abortion has reached in America, especially among minority communities . We can only imagine that she would be even more impressed if abortion centers continued to pop up right next door to impoverished families.