I Killed A Man Meme Abortion On Demand

Abortion Crosses A Line For Humanity

Abortion on demand is abortion without any restrictions. The abortion can be performed by a licensed abortionist for any reason.

Many abortion supporters who are pro choice want abortion on demand. But abortion on demand is wrong because it fails to see the value of human life, the suffering of the baby in the womb, and the negative impact to the mother.

First abortion fails to see human life’s value. The unborn child is a living being that has every bit as much right to be living inside their mother’s womb as you do inside your home. This little person did nothing wrong but yet they are sentenced to death by getting aborted. Abortion isn’t just removing something unwanted like excess hair or acne it is murdering an innocent human being simply for being a particular gender or have a physical/mental issue.

The abortion harms the mother in many physical ways. The abortionist will perform an abortion by opening up your cervix or abdomen for example, risking infection, perforation of uterus, uterine perforation to name but a few.

How does abortion harm the mother physically?

The abortion tears away at your innards and when you are healed afterwards it can alter your menstrual cycle significantly because since it destroyed one of the hormones that would have made you have a child – progesterone – can cause irregular periods or PMS symptoms in some cases.

Some symptoms may not be so straightforward with cramping, infections, cervical abcesses and more but typically these symptoms show up later in life after all the healing has finished because the abortionist opens up your life to get rid of an unborn child.

Abortion can seriously harm your mental health. Around 1 in 10 abortion women suffer from depression and this is the most common abortion side effect after abortion itself. There are many reasons for abortion affecting your mental health, abortion was once called “the silent killer” because abortion affects the female’s mental health undiagnosed.